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The EMCEE Co. Story

From the founder: I'm now semi-retired from a long career in military armor development and application, ballistics analysis, specialty ammunition, and foreign small arm weapons exploitation. As a current recreational and competition shooter and enthusiast, I started EMCEE Company to help other local shooters get the most from the sport.

I still do special weapons projects for Government and Law Enforcement, but for everyone else, we can help you find specialty firearms or have a custom build configured for you, and whether you need help building your first AR, getting a handgun fixed, learning to reload ammunition, purchasing your first silencer, getting ATF NFA approval to build an SBR, or you simply need a dealer to process an out-of-state firearm purchase shipped on your behalf, we're here to help!

Have questions about any of those topics? Give me a call, or send me an email !   óMike

EMCEE CO. has been proud to sponsor 200-yard Precision Rifle Matches here in north Alabama since 2016, and is now also sponsoring a NEW series of Precision RIMFIRE Rifle matches since it started in October 2020!
Check out the links below!

www.PrecisionRifle.net -- 200 yd scoped precision centerfire matches

www.PrecisionRimfire.net -- 50yd/100yd/200yd precision RIMFIRE matches

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