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The EMCEE Co. Story

I'm now semi-retired from a long career in military armor development and application, ballistics analysis, specialty ammunition, and foreign small arm weapons exploitation. As a current recreational and competition shooter and enthusiast, I started EMCEE Company to help other local shooters get the most from the sport.

We don't carry inventory or do retail sales, but whether you need help building your first AR, getting a handgun fixed, learning to reload ammunition, purchasing your first silencer, getting ATF NFA approval to build an SBR, or you simply need a dealer to process an out-of-state firearm purchase shipped on your behalf, I'm here to help!

Have questions about any of those topics? Give me a call, or send me an email !   óMike

More coming soon! Website under construction.

NOTE: The EMCEE Co. tradename and its marks
are registered with the Alabama Secretary of State
#116-615 as of November 2016. All Rights Reserved.